July 14, 2024

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They are screaming in protest against the lack of five doctors at the Casitas Health Center in Zaragoza

They are screaming in protest against the lack of five doctors at the Casitas Health Center in Zaragoza

September 23. It is the date that the residents of Casitas have marked on the calendar so that they can restore normalcy to their health center. As well as the rest of the neighbors that make up the core area, from the municipalities of Bensic, La Joya, Sopradel, Torres de Berlin and the rural district of Zaragoza, Ferraraba. In total more than 16 thousand patients are affected by the lack of five doctors in the outpatient clinic, which leads to long delays in health appointments Which in many cases lasts for two or three weeks.

There is still the entire summer for Mir to come on board and alleviate the staff shortage this position is experiencing, which is why the deadline does not seem enough. The Casetas neighborhood council, after calling for the demonstration held on Sunday, indicated that the squares would be filled after the holiday, but the citizen platform “Casetas es más” decided to continue the protest. And The neighbors responded.

Hundreds of people, about 500 people according to organizers, demonstrated in front of the health centerlocated on Baleares Street to express their dissatisfaction. The entity’s spokesman, Roberto Muñoz, confirmed that the response to the call was “overwhelming.” He stressed: “It went very well. Many people attended, and we are happy.”

According to the platform, the situation in the health center is “unsustainable” and affects “extremely negatively” the quality of family medicine service. The shortage of staff is due to Long-term sick leave or retirement situations not covered by other doctors. There is still a management position to be filled.

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Neighbors calls on all professionals to recover as soon as possible so that normalcy can be restored “both for the medical staff, who cannot properly care for their patients, and ultimately end up physically and emotionally exhausted, and especially for the patients, who at many times cannot They do not even have the possibility of making an appointment, being forced to go to the emergency room or to go to referral hospitals in Zaragoza.