June 23, 2024

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Great: Why don’t the Pacific and Atlantic oceans mix?  |  26 planets

Great: Why don’t the Pacific and Atlantic oceans mix? | 26 planets

You can fully appreciate the dichotomy between the two. On the one hand, the water is greener, and on the other hand, it is bluer.

Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The tenth picture.

he planet It is a place full of unknowns that never cease to surprise us. lhave 1,390 million cubic meters of waterWhich represents approx 70% From a surface Land. Now, from all that, 97.5% Follower water Exists in Oceans and seas with salt water And just the rest 2.5% He is Sweetened water.

Most countries have the advantage of discretion Impressive settings Of corpses water. However, there are some who cannot access it Rivers, lakes or seasBut just seeing it, even through photos, is enough to give you an idea of ​​the scene the city has to offer. The hugeness of the oceans.

In this sense, there is something that attracts the attention of many: The separation of the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean, Quite a special case because its waters look like it Completely different.

Pacific and Atlantic oceans.  The tenth picture. Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The tenth picture.

Now, regarding this phenomenon, a very common question arises: Why don’t two oceans that meet in the same place mix? Now experts and hydrologists have presented a clarification on.

Oceans.  Image: Pexels

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Each one maintains its own identity

When there is a clear difference between the connection points, this is known as haloclinewhich is defined as the boundary that occurs between More and more salty water bodies. In contrast, confusion is avoided by Surface tension of waterThat is, the power that it has Molecules They are connected to each other.

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On the coast DenmarkJanFor the North Sea And on the border with Baltic Sea A similar phenomenon can be observed, where the dividing line between Gibraltar water And a union White and Barents seasthey turn into Stunning views That no one wants to miss. Every year, thousands of visitors travel there Watch Halocline.

All this for The difference in the chemical composition of waterTheir surroundings Different densities, salinities, biodiversity and temperature regimesIf this It prevents them from coming together as one Each one is allowed to maintain his or her own identity.