June 23, 2024

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'Grey's Anatomy': Meredith will give up on love in Season 18 for this reason

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Meredith will give up on love in Season 18 for this reason

The new installment of the long-lived medical series will premiere on September 30th.

Each time there is less left for Season 18 instinct anatomy I arrived at full ABC on September 30. This remake will give its followers great news and above all a good dose of gloom with the new returns it has prepared for the next episodes. But, as always, all eyes are on Meredith (Eileen Pompeo) and her fate in the series, which this time seems to take her. different cycle.

As the long-running medical series has gotten used to, season 17 has left several fronts open little by little and is expected to be closed in the new installment. However, some stories may close early. refer to Meredith and love. Nothing has changed since the character of Pompeo said goodbye to Derek, but in the minds of viewers and writers as well, there is always room for a new true love for this character.

In the past few episodes, her association with Dr. CormacThe role played by Richard Flood in escalationHowever, it won’t be something that will continue to develop in principle through Season 18, according to the Meg Marines series executive.

After COVID-19, “Her priorities were work and her kids. But it’s going to be a very big question at the start of the season: Will she and Hayes finally get time on their side?”

But although this season Meredith will be quiet, in terms of emotional issues, the series will continue to develop the various love stories that are still hanging by a thread, and other stories that will take a step forward. This is the case of Teddy and Owen, for whom Marines anticipates a possible approach to the altar. “They want to get married, it’s only a matter of time”, confirms to TV Line director. Marinis.

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Those who got the approval I wanted were Maggie Way Winstonwhich will continue in the new season.Fun surprises‘, as the Marinis progresses. It should be remembered that Kelly McCreary, the actress who plays Meredith’s sister, announced her pregnancy at the start of the new season. We’ll still have to wait to see if the writers decide to include this new one—the stage actress in fiction.