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Navarra adjusts three areas of its health services

Navarra adjusts three areas of its health services

Santos Indurain, Minister of Health of Navarre.

Navarre government Restructuring the Directorate of Administration and central organs of Navarra Health Service-Osasupedia At the level of departments and unhealthy units. The decision responds to the new needs created in the areas of the Directorate of Professionals and the Directorate of Economic Administration and Public Services, as recorded in Official Gazette of Navarre (BON).

Within the Directorate of Professionals, a Create a department for coordination and control of calls With the cancellation of the coordination unit and control calls.

create a file Call Coordination Unit Its opposite is based in the Income, Provisions and Promotion Department, which in turn eliminates the Technical Coordination Unit, which is dependent on the Occupational Risk Prevention Service.

On the other hand, in the Infrastructure Service of the Directorate of Economic Administration and Public Services, it is proposed to establish a chief Infrastructure management departmentThis is due to the volume of files and the level of project management, business, services and supplies being implemented.

New Areas Jobs

The call coordination and control session will develop a management function Calls to all job offers Long-term with Navarre Health Service and short-term offerings from central services, as well as creating and maintaining up-to-date lists of applicants.

The Call Coordination Unit will develop, update, enhance and coordinate administrative processes in order to develop Invitations to accept and provide jobs, including internal promotion of personnel who are within the competence of the Navarre Health Service.

Finally, the Infrastructure Management Department will be responsible for managing Investment Programs for the Navarre Health ServiceManaging business and aid contracts, carrying out technical and economic control over buildings and facilities, and preparing replacement budgets for them.

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