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Guatemala: Congress session before the change of government was excluded

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Upon the conclusion of the plenary session for the second day due to the lack of a quorum, the representative of the ruling party, Vamos, confirmed to the local press that efforts were focused on moving to the elected authorities.

At a meeting on Friday, the legislature received notice from the Office of the Special Anti-Impunity Prosecutor (FECI) of the Public Prosecution Office on the issue of the temporary suspension of the Simela Authority.

The members of Congress added 81 just to address it and know that the notification states that the sentence remains final, according to the reading given by the Secretary of the Board of Directors, Minor Gabriel Mejia.

But Rivera, after the end of the special session, made it clear in his statements that the Semela bench still stands.

In addition, attendees discussed the 2024 settlements for the new representatives to assume their duties.

The previous day, Rivera refused to elect replacement judges for the electoral administrative body because four incumbents had left the country.

The representative confirmed that the work would be within the jurisdiction of the new Legislative Council, which left the invitation open for this session.

Analysts on social networks noted that in his final hours he had nothing to do, except for some final maneuvers, and urged citizens to keep their attention in the plenary session.

As January 14, the date for the inauguration of 96 new deputies out of 160, approaches, political forces are still trying to promote the next president of that organization and the chairs of the committees.

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Attempts to prevent the inauguration of President-elect Bernardo Arévalo continue, with the revelation that European Union President Rafael Corochici has appealed the ruling of the Constitutional Court guaranteeing the change process.

In addition, former Humanista Party representative and presidential candidate, Lexan Mérida, filed an injunction against Congress and the Supreme Electoral Court.

He claimed there was a risk that an “illegitimate, undemocratic and unrepresentative” government could take power.


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