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Gustavo Alvaro has several offensive alternatives to face Paraguay

Gustavo Alvaro has several offensive alternatives to face Paraguay

The Ecuadorean team completed a double training session on August 31, 2021. The first, in the morning, was held at house of choice And the second, in the afternoon, in Pomasqui . complex, which belongs to the Liga de Quito.

La Tre’s coach, Gustavo Alvaro, trains for the squad he’ll come out with on an equal footingto face Paraguay, On September 2, for the e . qualifiersworld cup qatar 2022, At the beginning of the tripartite history.

The main doubts of the strategist in the offensive block. So far, Alvaro Try two different systems, One with two strikers and the other with one striker, accompanied by strikers at the ends.

As for defense, DT is clear about which players he will use. A pair of Felix Torres and Javier Arriaga He’s the player who starts to integrate, following the players’ pasts at Barcelona. Byron Castillo and Diego Palacios They trained as linebackers while waiting for Pervis Estupiñán to arrive.

These are the offensive options that Alfaro deals with:

Option 1: One option that Alfaro manages is having two men at the top. Inner Valencia will be accompanied by Tri captain Brian Angulo, who will make his debut in the qualifying rounds, thanks to his fine performance in Mexican Cruz Azul.

Option 2: Another alternative is the inclusion of Iner Valencia as the only striker with the flankers and the second striker who starts from the back. In this setting, Alfaro analyzes the possibility of aligning Ángel Mena behind Superman, with Gonzalo Plata on the right and Jhojan Julio on the left.

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Option 3: With the same scheme, another alternative to Alvaro is to accompany Valencia with Johan Julio as the farthest forward. With that, Mina will occupy the right wing, while Joao Rojas can act on the left.

Option 4: In this, the same scheme and players will be repeated as in the third option. The only alternative would be Estobian as a left winger and keeping Diego Palacios as a side of that squad.