June 21, 2024

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Covid-19: a strange mutation of the delta variant appeared in Japan

Covid-19: a strange mutation of the delta variant appeared in Japan

This was announced by a group of Japanese researchers For the first time in Japan, a new mutation of the delta variant of Covid-19 was discovered.

The team led by Takeuchi Hiroaki, assistant professor in the Department of Virology at Tohoku University, released the findings, which occurred at Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital on August 30.

The medical team explained that they had found leap in an infected patient delta variable who visited the institute in mid-August.

From genetic analysis, the N501S mutation, which was the alternative Japan, can only be identified in eight infected patients With this subtle boom.

The new delta mutation is similar to the alpha N501Y mutant.

The N501S Similar to the N501Y mutation of alpha variableIt was first discovered in Britain. The team notes that it is not clear whether the recent mutation has any consequences for transmissibility virus.

The new delta variant mutation is related to the alpha variant through which it has spread Britain; 8 of these cases were detected worldwide.

As doubts persist, Takeuchi Hiroaki announced that researchers will continue to study this variable to inform the population.

Takeuchi Hiroaki is a bioenvironmental response specialist and has conducted numerous research on HIV. He is currently Associate Editor of the publication Frontiers in Virology (Basic Virology) A deep expert in infectious diseases. That is why his words attracted the attention of the academic community in Japan.

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The researchers called on the scientific community to redouble efforts to contain the virus.

The aforementioned science should make every possible effort To contain the corona virusBecause further spread of infection can lead to Constant emergence of new variables in the country.

He also asked his colleagues to run genetic tests to double the pathogen’s tracking capabilities.

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