July 1, 2022

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Harry Styles, on the return of One Direction: "If there was a moment to do it right, that would be awesome" |  Music

Harry Styles, on the return of One Direction: “If there was a moment to do it right, that would be awesome” | Music

The passage of time is one of those unacceptable truths that no matter how hard you try, you can never contradict it. And what was originally going to be a two-year hiatus to focus on other solo projects is already on its way to 7 with no real conception of it happening. We’re talking, obviously, about a breakup One-way And the prospect of a Boyband reunion. something I talked about Harry Stiles In the promotion for his new studio album, Harry’s House.

During an interview in Spot podcastAnd the The British musician answered the great unknown hanging over the five members of 1D, or rather the four who announced their temporary separation (after all this time it seems unlikely that Zayn will return). Is it possible to reunite in one direction in the future?

The door remains open for Harry Styles: “The idea itself is cool. I don’t know, I mean, I think thinking about it is really cool. I think we’ve all been through something very special together and there’s a lot of love there. So yeah, I think there’s a moment we can Its doing it the right way I think it would be great if that happened.

Harry’s words come a few days after his comments Liam Payne In which he tried to calm the ongoing tension over his departure Zayn Malik: “Listen, I don’t agree with any of his actions. I can’t praise some of the things he’s done. I can’t be on his side for that. I got it and my only hope is that at some point in his life, he wants the person on the end The other of the phone is the assistance you wish to provide.

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One Direction’s temporary farewell

news One Direction’s temporary farewell was made on August 23, 2015 Although the breakup wouldn’t really begin until March 2016 after the British boy finalized his direct and promotional commitments for his latest studio album as a quartet.

“The boys have been together for 5 years, which is a great season for any boy group. They deserve to have at least a year to work on their own projects. There are absolutely no bad feelings between them and everyone has 100 percent of the decision they made,” the statement announced about 7 years ago. .