July 1, 2022

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High plan prices: Excellent. Health fails in the first place against Isapres

Thousands of claims have reached the Health Supervisory Authority regarding price hikes in Isapres plans. In this context, the intention of the pension and insurance funds issued provisions in the first place in favor of the plaintiffs.

Let’s remember that after Isapres froze its prices in 2020 and 2021, the health watchdog – under Law No. 21,350, published a year ago – allowed a limited 7.6% increase in plans. Despite this, thousands of complaints have been entered into the Supervisory Authority and the judiciary.

The oversight body’s first instance judgment accepted the claims, stating that the justification for the price increase contained in the letter of adequacy was “insufficient,” third. In this way, the increase was left without a trace.

The document notes that the law and the mere fact that the watchdog set a price cap does not necessarily mean that Isapres will raise the prices of the plans. If they do, they must justify it.

Likewise, the sentence states that the arguments are “consistent with certain provisions of the petition. Courts of Appeal in the State which the Superintendent of Funds and Preventive Health Insurance has taken into account in resolving this dispute.”

Despite the temporary funds’ decision and insurance wish, Isapres owners can offer their alternative. In the case of maintaining the position of the institution, supervisor of health, Victor Torreshe must announce the truth.

In addition, the rulings of the supervisory body are going on a different path from the path of appeal to the Supreme Court.

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