January 28, 2022

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Havas Group helps women in vulnerable situations, brands and corporate social responsibility

Havas Group helps women in vulnerable situations, brands and corporate social responsibility

with him Local CSR Program “Planta 7”, Group Havas Spain This year I continued to work with the 26 de Diciembre Foundation, the Ámbar Project and the Quiero Trabajo Foundation as specialists in preparing for selection processes and job interviews.

The Ámbar project aims to provide training and support in the search for work to the trans community, one of those with the highest unemployment rate in our country, from a comprehensive and multidisciplinary perspective. In the words of Marcos Martín Cuevas, Director of Sustainable Development at Group Havas: “Our relationship with the Quiero Trabajo Foundation, which generates additional value for its significant social impact, is a sign of our desire to be connected to the community. Each mentoring session conducted by our staff enhances the engagement of our others. , where we share our best with those who need it most. A commitment that generates mutual personal and professional growth for both our employees and the women they help.”

The companies held an event for the rest of the year, where Gemma Garrido, Madrid office manager for the Quiero Trabajo Foundation, highlighted the importance of Group volunteer work. “I would like to thank Havas Group volunteers for their commitment, because the truth is that they are the ones who make solidarity projects possible. Volunteering is an emotional paycheck and they should feel proud of the work they have done.”

In this latest project focused on the trans community, a total of 20 volunteers from the Havas group. Among them, Gabriel Antunes, who participated in the mentorship with some of the women users who highlighted: “We have tried to help them, above all, to gain self-confidence. Security is not provided to you by some paper or what you put in your ID: security is It comes from yourself.”

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Since 2019, Havas Group has cooperated with I want a business Helping more than 60 women through different actions: from the Probono service to awareness sessions, or “Put yourself in their shoes” (working dynamics with users) and “You are important to me” programs (accompaniment and follow-up sessions during full lockdown) programs. Also “solidarity payroll” to fund various assistance programs, even this project routing culminating in another year of mutual cooperation.