June 21, 2024

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Health has an allocation of 22,207 SP, which constitutes 11.3% of the budget | News

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Franck, said today that the 1,216 million sol health sector budget increase considered in the draft budget for fiscal year 2022 in relation to what has been approved for 2021, is absolutely necessary.

“In the health function, there is an additional increase than that which occurred in 2021 due to the epidemic. But if we compare the projected budget for 2022 with the budget for 2020, the increase will be practically 4,000 million sols.

Although he explained that it was a rather large increase, he emphasized that it was a very necessary increase.

The Executive Authority sent, on Sunday, to the Congress of the Republic, the public sector budget bill for the fiscal year 2022, which amounts to 197.002 million and 269,014 sols.

According to this initiative, The health function allocates 22.207 million insoles and represents 11.3% of the total budget.


He explained that the increase in the health sector budget is mainly due to:

Allocating 500 million additional insoles to achieve 100% universal health insurance.

Allocating an additional 580 million Knol to increase the rewards (Main Rating).

Allocating an additional 200 million insoles for the purchase of medical supplies at the World Health Organization.

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