April 13, 2024

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health.  Protest at Cuenca Hospital over non-payment of salaries

health. Protest at Cuenca Hospital over non-payment of salaries

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As part of the health strike, workers at Cuenca de Canuelas Hospital protested against the non-payment of raises, overtime and deductions from the compensatory bonus. Discounts range from 100,000 to 200,000 pounds.

More than 100 workers from Cuenca Hospital, including nurses, professionals, nurses and administrative staff, organized to demand compliance with overtime and bonuses ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 pesos and payment of the meager 16% increase.

At noon they decided to clap their hands in the hospital entrance hall. They tried to open the negotiating table, walked through the corridors, but no manager greeted them: at that time of day they had already left the hospital.

A workers' association linked to the hospital's top management reported that the Ministry of Health had not sent the necessary resources for January salaries, and that they had to deal with the hospital's “petty cash expenses”, arguing that this was the reason they were unable to pay the salary compensation. and deserved rewards.

The Workers' Association will be received on Friday by Chairman of the Board Sergio Alejandre. It should be noted that workers insist on respecting their right to union affiliation.

The attack on public health by the government continues. The Canuela Council, which convened on its own, expressed its support for the struggle of hospital workers: “They have been attacking public health for years; The Marzetti Hospital in Canuelas is experiencing a constant exodus of workers and professionals due to delayed salaries, lack of supplies and working conditions. Now they are attacking Cuenca Hospital. We have to come together and get the entire community to support public health. We are available for everything you need. “The workers are not alone.”

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Combat actions

Following the actions of self-organized workers, claims have been processed, and at the same time workers remain organized and review effective compliance with demands. The protest was rewarded and the government was forced to back down.