June 23, 2024

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Salud insta a los vecinos del Área Sanitaria Norte a que actualicen sus datos

Health urges residents of the northern health region to update their data

Rastreadores de Córdoba, on file.

The North Cordoba Health District, Via Citizen channel, launched a file A message to the citizens Why Update your data Since then, they assert, “Updating this data is The key to fighting COVID-19». And this from the region highlights it They didn’t find many people on the phones they registered. This happens when IThey try to summon users for vaccinations or for scans they implement them. From the citizen channel they warn that SMS with PCR results also do not arrive.

From health asks it Verified at Clicsalud That both the data and phone numbers are up-to-date or they are using any visit to their health center to check their validity. a Simple action, as they point out, as they directly assist the health services that result from it healthcare quality that is provided. At the same time, the same channel asked those who do not notify when they miss an appointment to do so, because the opposite is ” No respect for toilets and other people who cannot benefit from the dose.

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