July 14, 2024

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Healthy adaptation.  Posadas Hospital workers opened fire

Healthy adaptation. Posadas Hospital workers opened fire

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These are nutritionists and kitchen assistants, who carried out their work at Posadas Hospital, and were hired like the majority who work there. The explanation they used was again the term “reorganization”.

News reports again that layoffs are taking place at Posadas Hospital. In the hands of the newly appointed director Bertoldi Hepburn, as happened under the Macri government, they fire workers under the pretext of “restructuring”, terminating contracts, which is, as is known, the type of employment contract that has a majority, not only in Posadas Hospital, but in most state agencies. This fact quickly brings to mind the memory of the mass layoffs that occurred during the years 2016/2017, and it is that the name Bertoldi Hepburn is repeated as a character in the story sequence. What changes at this moment is that the affected service is food.

In the midst of the harsh adjustment, health has once again become a point of attack, not only maintaining the budgets of previous years and with an inflation rate of more than 200%, but also now with layoffs, which further affects the ability to respond to the needs of patients and users being treated in the hospital. .
An amendment that shows its harshest form, with millions below the poverty line; The fact that sparks the most outrage in all the conversations heard here is not only that 7 in 10 children say their food security has been affected, but also that millions of tons of food are rotting in warehouses.

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In the IMF, the government of Miley and Caputo, where the main target is the fiscal deficit, the sectors that provide the right to those who suffer most from the adjustment are the most cut. For this reason, it is not a simple fact that at Hospital Posadas there seem to be “too many” professionals specializing in nutrition. For no other reason than “restructuring” (a euphemism for greater adaptation when it would hurt more) colleagues received “disengagement” telegrams due to the expiration of the contract. A few weeks ago, they also denounced salary deductions and persecution. This is what the professional association CICOP-APHP says in its statement.