July 2, 2022

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Herbert Dies, CEO of Volkswagen Group, Questions Apple's Existence - News - Hybrids and Electrics

Herbert Dies, CEO of Volkswagen Group, Questions Apple’s Existence – News – Hybrids and Electrics

manzana She has been involved in the project for years to launch her own electric car on the streets, or so hundreds of rumors have been going on for nearly a decade. It could finally be what was initially known as Project Titan Leaving to stagger his idea of ​​launching a file electric car And independent in favor of focusing on third-party auto softwareThis can be attested by the constant delays in its introduction and the few official tracks of the brand. In fact, in a public presentation given by Herbert Dies, CEO of Volkswagen Groupmentioned about it.

There has been a lot of news about a supposed car that Apple has officially launched, as well as many other tech companies that are launching it as well, such as xiaomi also Sony (by sling). The Cupertino company has been in talks with brands such as Hyundai who had hoped to go hand in hand with him, though this was ultimately not achieved; He also held talks with the manufacturer amazingand even patents have been leaked on independent technology Who will own his car? All this news suggests that eventually it will be and Apple could launch its own car, though, The CEO of the Volkswagen Group does not have the same view on this matter.

In a first presentation on the subject, Dess was skeptical about Apple’s future plans to launch its own car.. This happened last Wednesday at a technology conference held at Hub.Berlin, in the German capital. There, the CEO assumed that the “Project Titan” to which Apple would dedicate so many years was nothing more than a revolving door for auto industry veterans. “I’m not sure if Apple will really bring cars to market eventually”The director assumes. “This will require a lot of effort on their part.”

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However, the CEO also added that In the coming years, the car will become the most digital and technological device imaginable. This is something that can be directly linked to the possibility that Apple has invested a lot of time and money into studying electric cars, either as part of a plan to supply said technology or as a manufacturer of the cars themselves.

Certainly, there are many workers who left first-class companies and brands in favor of joining the ranks of Apple, presumably to fully enter into the development of the Titan project, which could cover not only the manufacture and development of a special car, but also all the technologies that surround it. Some of these personalities include Kevin Lynch, who left Adobe to get into this project; Ulrich Kranzformer Senior Vice President of BMW i, or Desi Ogkashevich Former Global Director of Safety Engineering at Ford, among many others.

Herbert Diess suggested in his speech that it is possible for Apple to be fully involved in software development primarilyas we have already seen in his book Apple CarPlay System Renew, which will be integrated as a complete vehicle multimedia system. This updated program can be the first step of what the brand’s future electric car will bring with it or, conversely, they will base their progress in this regard on the creation of third-party systems, thereby abandoning the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bmanufacturing their own car . It is possible that we will know all the information about him in a few years.