August 8, 2022

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Hisense presents its new range of TVs for every lifestyle

Hisense, a leading consumer technology company and sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, has introduced its new range of modern televisions and speakers that are versatile and adaptable to each user’s tastes in audiovisual entertainment.

The presentation event, which was held in Madrid, was held in a space simulating a house inhabited by three users with different lifestyles which includes the new Smart TV models A85H, U8HQ, U7HQ, A7GQ and A63H series. 100L5F-B12 and 120L9G laser TVs and different amplifiers.

“This new range of TVs is a true reflection of the company’s philosophy of putting the latest technology at the service of every user”during the show, Yannella Amendola, Director of Marketing for Hisense Iberia. “In an increasingly complex world, we want to offer users a wide range of products based on innovation and reliability, but above all tailored to their needs.”.

Hisense U7HQ Official TV for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Each Hisense TV has certain characteristics that make it ideal for different types of audiovisual content. For example, the ULED 4K U7HQ, the official TV for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, is ideal for sports fans and gamers due to its high image clarity and contrast, thanks to Hisense’s next-generation color management control technology LED backlighting and Hi-View Engine, which Its algorithm simulates a neural network, intelligently optimizing the image through adaptive display deep learning.

The A85H series TVs are ideal for streaming content consumers and movie lovers thanks to their 4K OLED technology, which reproduces pure blacks and delivers exceptional brightness and contrast. In addition, these models include the IMAX Enhanced system, which is able to enhance picture and sound to bring the cinematic experience into homes. Fifty times smaller than regular LEDs, Hisense Mini-LED technology delivers deeper blacks and brighter whites with greater precision to make even the tiniest image details visible. In addition, the Mini-LED U8HQ series offers high backlight control thanks to Full Array Local Dimming Pro technology and thanks to the multi-channel audio system, an immersive experience can be enjoyed, especially for sports or cinema lovers.

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For its part, the QLED 4K A7GQ is ideal for moviegoers. Quantum Dot technology provides an extremely wide color gamut, as well as image optimization using artificial intelligence. A common feature on all Hisense U7, U8 and A85H series TVs is Dolby Vision IQ technology, which automatically optimizes HDR images according to the content being streamed at any time and external lighting conditions, thus improving each user’s experience.

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Hisense Laser TV, the closest home cinema experience

Hisense Laser TVs are ideal for the most demanding consumers due to their picture and sound quality. More than 8 million pixels produce clearer, brighter images with more realistic colors. With an ultra-short throw, it can project a 4K image onto a screen designed to be resistant to ambient light to prevent reflections for a great experience no matter where it’s installed.

In addition, laser TVs have built-in speakers that deliver high-quality sound power of 30 watts. With Dolby ATMOS technology, sounds come from all directions to fill the room with incredible clarity, detail and depth.

The operating system is a key factor when choosing a TV that perfectly suits the needs of each user. Hisense Smart TVs are equipped with the VIDAA U system that provides an extensive catalog of customizable content and applications, voice control system and rapid response capacity. VIDAA U allows only three-click access to any of the applications on the interface, including those for the system. Additionally, it has data security, privacy protection, and parental controls for added peace of mind for users.

One of the latest additions to Hisense’s catalog of products is the sound bar, among them the HS312 featuring 300W of output and sound modes designed specifically for movies, sports, music, nightlife and more. In addition, Hisense has also introduced the HS218, with an LED display, and the HS214 and HS205 models, which include Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm jack input, and USB to play content from other sources.

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