June 21, 2024

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HONOR represents the future of AI in smart devices at MWC

HONOR represents the future of AI in smart devices at MWC

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HONOR, Qualcomm and GSMA support human-centered AI and highlight their commitment to open collaboration and privacy protection

Barcelona, ​​February 28, 2024.- honorAt MWC 2024, the global tech brand participated in a roundtable that invited us to think about the future of artificial intelligence: “Putting Humans First in AI Development: Key Considerations for Creating AI for Smart Devices” (“Putting People First in AI Development: Key Considerations for Developing AI for Smart Devices”), with George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd. As a brand representative. The session also included participation John Hoffman, CEO, GSMA Limited, And Alex Katouzian,Group GM of MCX, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Together, they focused on the importance of creating AI devices that enhance an intuitive, human-centered experience while ensuring user privacy.

“AI will reconstruct the future operating system and smartphone experience. HONOR will advance its AI strategy by integrating it into MagicOS and all HONOR devices, ensuring a human-centric practice that delights users in every interaction,” he announced. CiaoEmphasizing HONOR's commitment to developing AI devices designed to meet human needs at the center.

HONOR's expertise in on-device AI is demonstrated through MagicOS 8.0 launched at MWCwhich fully integrates AI at the platform level, in addition to being The first Intent-Based User Interface (IUI) From the sector. For its part, it also has MagicOS 8.0 Magic portalan interaction-based short recommendation feature that allows users to seamlessly switch and access services between apps with a simple swipe, supporting 100 of the world's top apps.

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Likewise, HONOR has also partnered with Qualcomm for clarification Using Flame 2 is unlocked in the new Honor Magic 6 Prodemonstrating the power of on-device AI even for offline use.

Open ecosystem
HONOR is a pioneer in the open ecosystem, calling on global partners such as Qualcomm and GSMA to join forces.

John Hoffman “AI is about to revolutionize everything, and HONOR and Qualcomm are leveraging on-device AI technology to innovate and improve people's lives,” he added. The GSMA, in collaboration with HONOR, also unveiled the white paper “See the 6G terminal“, which outlines a grand vision for Developing 6G terminals in the era of artificial intelligence The way has been paved for future progress in the industry.

Human-centered AI strategy in all scenarios
according to CiaoThe current wave of advances in artificial intelligence is unprecedented in history and will profoundly impact smart devices. HONOR's strategic goal is to bring AI to MagicOS, introduce the first Intent-Based User Interface (IUI), and provide a new core, new UI and AI-powered interconnected ecosystem for devices from smartphones to PCs, providing users with a multi-experience experience. Multi-device, multi-application and multi-ecosystem.

“Platform-level AI and LLM allow HONOR to seamlessly integrate AI devices, such as computers and smartphones, into users' daily lives, understanding their intentions and anticipating their needs,” he explained. Ciao. He also added that the more consumers interact with these devices, the more personalized and useful the experience becomes.

Alex Katouzian He also pointed to the current shift in AI processing from the cloud to personal devices, including smartphones and computers. “By better quantifying or reducing models and working closely with partners like HONOR and other industry partners like operating system vendors, you can transfer that capability and data [de la IA en la nube] For the device. “The growth potential for on-device AI is almost limitless.”

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Security: the foundation of artificial intelligence
“Artificial intelligence cannot exist without a foundation of security,” he declared. George Chowhighlighting the PFAST principle of honor in the development of artificial intelligence: Privacy, fairness, justice, responsibility, security, reliability, transparency and ease of control. HONOR MagicGuard technology and privacy certifications obtained, e.g electronic privacy seal, are key initiatives in this endeavour.

Shaping the future with 6G and AI
Thanks to rapid advances in artificial intelligence, 6G will bring exciting possibilities, but also complex challenges. HONOR and GSMA published a white paper at MWC titled “6G Terminal Vision”.

Developed in collaboration with China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom, Du, Telstra and Inmarsat, this forward-looking document outlines the vision of a human-centered intelligent world shaped by the transformative capabilities of 6G and AI. The report details nine possible scenarios, five key research directions and four typical 6G terminal capabilities.

By presenting this white paper, HONOR and GSMA have taken the first step to explore the future of 6G. HONOR calls on industry partners to join forces, engage in joint research and work together to achieve industry consensus on 6G terminals.

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