July 2, 2022

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How is Mirtha Legrand's health, a week after testing for coronavirus

How is Mirtha Legrand’s health, a week after testing for coronavirus

Mirtha Legrand (@StoryLab)

A week ago, Mirtha Legrand stated on her Twitter account that she had contracted the Corona virus. Days after attending Martín Fierro’s party, the 95-year-old driver reported the news to her followers, giving details of her health:I want to tell you that I tested positive for COVID-19. I am asymptomatic and feel fine. I have updated vaccinations and am very calm. I ask you to let me rest and to pass this quietly. Thank you for the attention and love that you have always,” the artist expressed, with a message that sought peace of mind for all her followers.

This Thursday, there was news about the singer’s billboard. “I’m fine. Tomorrow they wipe me again and I’m waiting for them to give me a negative picture”, Czeke noted in an interview with journalist Juan Echiguen. There he said that he was scanned before the extradition of Martín Fierro and that the result was negative, which allowed him to attend the party, which was held at the Hilton.

Mirtha Legrand's tweet says she has coronavirus
Mirtha Legrand’s tweet says she has coronavirus

After the emotional party of the entertainment community, the problems surrounding his health began. “On Wednesday I started to have some symptoms, and last Thursday they did another smear at seven in the afternoon and it was positive.Legrand narrated. In addition, the driver added that her grandson Nacho Viale is responsible for coordinating this issue, and he has already organized everything with the laboratory conducting the analysis.

Mirtha Legrand’s speech at Martin Fierro 2022 (Telefe)

Days before she was reported to have contracted the virus, the singer was the great personality at the Martín Fierro Awards, which took place on Sunday, May 15th. He spoke for the first time on the red carpet, where he celebrated face to face after a long time. “We return to the good, to the beautiful, to meet us all, the winners, the winners who did not receive a prize. It’s the big gig of Argentine television. I am always present. This party has been taking place for over 50 years and is an event. Can’t you see the people there? Wonderful. It’s a reunion‘ she confirmed excitedly.

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Mirtha sat next to her daughter Marcela, her granddaughters Joanna and Nacho, and her great-granddaughter Ambar, who attended the event last. Halfway through the ceremony, he experienced one of the most emotional moments in awards history. It happened after that In memory ofwhen she appeared among the memory of those who left us in the past three years His brother, Jose Maria, and his twin, Goldie. Susanna’s supportive hug, who crosses the room to be by her side, goes straight into the story.

The touching embrace of Mirtha and Susanna in Martin Fierro (Video: Teleshow)

Towards the end of the party, Mirtha came up on stage to say some emotional words before the audience. After recounting how he went through the most difficult stages of quarantine, he took a glimpse into his career, returning to his beginnings in Tuesday Orchidwhen she was only 14 years old and “didn’t know how to walk in high heels”.

She’s gone through some career troubles without a grudge – “I got banned, I didn’t know why, I didn’t ask” – and she made a very emotional reference to her siblings Josecito s golden. And to finish, he chose some strong words for his future: “What a miracle life, I haven’t stopped working until today. I’m 95 and you should be here at 95. I promise and swear I will keep working. I don’t put my arms down, I love them so much”Closed to standing applause from the entire room.

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