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How to activate the new haptic feedback of the iPhone keyboard with iOS 16

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We will explain How to activate the new haptic feedback for the iPhone keyboardwhich is another of the little hidden functions that I brought with it iOS 16. This is a new type of vibration for keyboard It is deactivated by defaultAnd you can activate in a simple way.

The haptic response is that little vibration that you can feel every time you press a button on the mobile virtual keyboard, and it helps you know that you actually pressed correctly. It’s something you may or may not like, but we’ll let you know to activate it just in case you want it.

Activate haptic feedback in iOS 16

The first thing you have to do is Go to your iPhone SettingsOr click the Settings app that appears on the desktop or search for it in a search engine. This will take you to the iOS settings.

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Once you are in the settings, you now have to go down to the second set of options. Here, you have to do Click Section Sounds and vibrationswhich appears accompanied by the speaker icon.


You will enter the section where you can configure everything related to how your mobile phone sounds and vibrates, with several options. Here, you have to do Click the option keyboard response which will appear formatted as no one.


You will be taken to a screen where you can see how the keyboard reacts when you press its keys while typing. In which, Activate the option vibration To activate haptic vibration. You can go back and deactivate it whenever you want.

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