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How to create stickers using AI on WhatsApp

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A few months ago, Meta introduced its Meta AI assistant, which will be present in apps like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Although the Assistant is generally only available in English and in a small group of countries, some AI features are already being rolled out to more users around the world.

This is the case with one of the most fun AI abilities in the Meta: the ability to create posters using AI.

To create AI stickers in a WhatsApp conversation, simply open the sticker panel and click on the Create option. If you enable this option, you will see a new Create with AI option. A message will appear explaining the job and you can click Continue.

You’ll see some options for sticker requests that you can make to the AI ​​and you can type almost whatever you want into the text field. Although it is only supposed to be available in English, we were able to type our orders in Spanish without problems.

Your poster description is not limited in length. You can write from one word to an entire paragraph describing what you want. Automatically, WhatsApp’s AI will try to create four sticker options and you can select one of them to send in your conversation or even save it to your favorite stickers.

After creating the image, WhatsApp gives you the option to edit the sticker. So, you can add text, graphics, speech bubbles, emojis, dynamic stickers and even other stickers you have saved to mix them as you like and send them to your contacts.

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AI WhatsApp stickers

The vast majority of requests can be generated without a problem, although sometimes, with references to specific personalities or with more explicit requests, you can be shown more general labels or not give you results at all, which is reflective of the terms and conditions of use of this Jobs with artificial intelligence.

WhatsApp continues to offer the option to create stickers using AI, so the functionality may not yet be available on your phone. At the time of writing this note, we were able to use the option on Android and were unable to use it on an iPhone, even with the same WhatsApp account.

Fortunately, Meta doesn’t seem to impose a limit on the number of stickers that can be created.

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