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How to enable reading checkboxes in Gmail emails

How to enable reading checkboxes in Gmail emails

The visible option works if the recipient accepts. (G mail)

Popcorn, double pimp, double check, or simply watch, has become a widely used function in instant messaging services.

This option is not widely known when it comes to sending emails, since using services such as gmail And Prospects It differs from the speed expected in instant messaging applications. However, there are ways to determine if an email has been read in Gmail.

This feature is not recognized by users due to specific requirements: to use it, you must have an account. Google Workspace Or use Gmail in an account set up by an administrator school.

If the above requirements are met, to obtain a read confirmation, the procedure consists of writing the email in a traditional way and then clicking on the three dots icon at the top to open the menu. “More options”.

This feature is enabled for users who have a Google Workspace or education account. (Unsplash)

From that menu, you must select the option “Request reading confirmation”. By doing this, when the recipient opens the email, the sender will automatically receive a message indicating that the person has read the email. However, it is important to note that this functionality has its limitations, as the recipient must have previously accepted the confirmation request.

New update for gmail Allows users to create reactions using emojis on Email messages You receive it in your inbox. This way you can interact with the file content Messages Quickly, even before answering them.

The new feature, which has already been launched for users who have OS robot in Cell phonewill be customizable and will not be limited to a previous set of emojis, but it will be the user himself who will be able to choose which of them best represents his opinion regarding the content of each of them.

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according to GoogleThe goal of this feature is to “express yourself and quickly respond to an email.” However, this does not mean that the user who sent the message will only receive a smiley emoji or a thumbs up in response. As is the case on other platforms such as Instagram And WhatsAppthey will receive a notification about reactions to the text.

Gmail allows emoji interactivity for emails. (Ars Technica)

The company also indicated that all… Messages No matter who sends them, they’ll have this functionality built-in and it’s located below the text next to the “Reply,” “Reply All,” and “Forward” buttons in the form of a special emoji-shaped icon.

To use this feature with emails, users must follow these steps:

Enter the application gmail From a cell phone. This cannot be used if accessed through a web browser, as the functionality has not yet arrived on this version of the platform.

Open the message you want to reply to.

Move the screen until you see the bottom of text.

Touch the emoji-shaped button to open the Selection tab reaction. This opens a pop-up window containing the entire keyboard com. emojis Available to select any you like.

If users accidentally send an emoji reaction, they can only be removed if it is proven that any item sent can be deleted within a certain period of time between 5 and 30 seconds. This period can be configured, for example, from the Account Settings option.