May 23, 2022

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How to find a lost iPhone with iCloud, even if it's turned off

How to find a lost iPhone with iCloud, even if it’s turned off

Losing an iPhone is an experience we don’t wish we had with our worst enemy. After all, our mobile phone has All kinds of valuable personal information that we use on a daily basis, private data; as well as content entrusted to us by third parties. For this reason, when we lose our organs, we may feel as if we are losing a part of the body. However, thanks to the search tool, Apple allows us to quickly locate our iPhone And without much inconvenience.

the service Find It is exclusive to the Cupertino company. It not only allows us to quickly locate our iPhone, but we can also do the same with other branded devices; Like iPad, AirPods, Mac, Apple Watch, and even MagSafe wallet. In addition, it is completely free, and allows us to perform other actions on our lost devices even if they are miles away.

Among these jobs we have Remove personal data from our devices, lock the device, play a sound to find it if it is silent; And even set lost mode to lock and track iPhone.

How to locate your iPhone on the map

With the search tool, you can search for your lost iPhone and See your location on the map. Apple allows us to perform this procedure in several ways, and of course we will show you how to do it in any of the cases.

From another Apple device

If you have another Apple device at home, finding your lost iPhone will be even easier. you just need Another iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even a file Apple Watch With an internet connection.

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