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How was the start of filming for "Again to see: the telenovela" that Brandon Beanish and Annette Michel arrived on Televisa

How was the start of filming for “Again to see: the telenovela” that Brandon Beanish and Annette Michel arrived on Televisa

Photo: Instagram

Brandon Beniche and Annette Michaels They are already in the middle of filming the TV series that took them from TV Azteca to Televisa a few months ago: to see you againProduced by Ignacio Sada.

It was in July this year when Arturo Peniche’s son announces his departure from the leadership come joy Hours later, he confirmed his participation in the project He will work with one of the faces who started his career on Azteca TV, Anette Michelle, as well as with Danilo Carrera, Alejandra Robles Gil and even Ernesto Laguardia, who marks his return to melodrama.

Project details were shared little by little through the production, as by Brandon and other actors from to see you again, The temporary name of the project is that It will be broadcast from October of this year at 4:30 pm on Las Estrellas.

It was Annette Michelle She revealed from her Instagram account the details of her return to TV series and shared some details of the start of filming that will let her know new ways of working within Televisa.

(Photo: Annette Michel/Instagram)
(Photo: Annette Michel/Instagram)

“Here in grace you have a great project! volverteaverof with great colleagues!!”, He wrote alongside some of the photos he took with the crew who would accompany them in the following months.

“from the site Tweet embed Another great day of calling! I love my work !!! He wrote in another post.

(Photo: Annette Michel/Instagram)
(Photo: Annette Michel/Instagram)

A few weeks ago Peniche revealed in an interview with the program tell me now! Some details about the character he will play in the novel and project impressions, as it represents his return to Televisa right after he worked for a long time in the ranks of TV Azteca.

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“There was an opportunity to read the character a bit, I loved it and with Nacho Sada I made Un Refugio para el amor with him” and it was a great experienceIt was happening, I was seeing my colleagues that I adore, that I already knew and they showed us here,” he commented on Televisa Entertainment.

Beinisch also revealed that Annette Michel, who has worked at Agosco TV station for many years, will be her mother on the series: “His personality is amazing, for a while we have been working at the table and he defined it exactly. She is bad, manipulative.”

According to Peniche, his character will be named Leonardo, he is in search of a dream that changes when his heart is broken, although his fate changes when he meets Angela, who will captivate him almost immediately.

It will be Alejandra Robles Gil who will give life to Angela and will be “a woman who will fight tirelessly against the adversities of fate to find true love.”

(Photo: Instagram / @penichebrandon)
(Photo: Instagram / @penichebrandon)

Although Brandon will share the lead role with Alejandra, he will not be the only one fighting for his love, as Danilo Carrera will be included in the love triangle within the new Televisa project.

to see you again It’s a new version of the series Viviana, which was broadcast on Televisa in the 1970s and has a collaboration with Lucia Mendes, who went down in history with his leading role.

Brandon previously worked for Televisa, but left the network in 2019 to take advantage of the opportunity to host the morning show. come joy on Aztec TV.

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Benish also explained in an interview with journalist Eden Durantes, that he left Ajusco TV on good terms, because he respects and values ​​the company’s executives.

(Photo: Instagram / @penichebrandon)
(Photo: Instagram / @penichebrandon)

“I’m incredibly left, I love my bosses there (TV Azteca). The truth is, I would find my dream and without them I wouldn’t be here, and that’s a reality. Never bite the hand that feeds us. “I am so grateful to them for everything,” said the former driver. Come joy.

According to producer Ignacio Sada, Alejandra Robles Gil, Danilo Carrera and Ernesto LaGuardia will also be part of the melodrama.

Alejandra, in the skin of Angela, Danilo and Beniche, who will play Alvaro and Leonardo respectively, will be the protagonists of the protagonist’s love triangle story.

for this part, Annette Michele had already commented on her intentions to seek new opportunities, especially acting, This is why I have been looking for job opportunities in other companies for a few months, especially Televisa.

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