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Venezuelan opposition condemns “violation” of indigenous peoples’ right to health

This content was published on Aug 14, 2021 – 16:09

Caracas, August 14 (EFE). – Venezuelan opponent Miguel Pizarro denounced this Saturday that the indigenous people of his country are being violated the right to health because public hospitals in their lands have various shortcomings, and pointed out that with the coronavirus – 19 epidemic the situation has been exacerbated.

“For years, there were deficiencies in the functioning of outpatient clinics and hospitals, shortages of medicines, and difficulties in entering indigenous lands. However, with the outbreak of the epidemic, the violation of the indigenous peoples’ right to health increased,” said Pizarro. message on Twitter.

In another tweet, he blamed Nicolas Maduro’s government for destroying “Venezuela’s health system” and leading the population to “live in a complex humanitarian emergency that has led to dire consequences.”

“The indigenous population is currently one of the most vulnerable,” added the former parliamentarian, who noted that diseases that had been eradicated, such as malaria, were re-emerging in these villages.

The Venezuelan health system has faced a severe crisis for at least a decade due to the lack of medical supplies in hospitals, the failure and deterioration of equipment and public services, to which has now been added a shortage of health personnel, due to low wages.

The situation has been denounced on several occasions by health unions across the country who have also indicated that they do not have the necessary protective gear to avoid the spread of COVID-19. EFE

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