June 28, 2022

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HP introduces the new HP EliteBook 605 series

HP introduces the new HP EliteBook 605 series

HP Inc. The latest HP EliteBook 605 Series PCs provide users with the security, power, and ergonomics needed for today’s mixed workspace and other demands.

The new HP EliteBook 645 and 655 series are packed with features that let you work without limitations, securely connect at multiple points, see/hear you from anywhere in the room or room, and co-create with tools designed for collaboration no matter what. Wherever you are at home, office or on the go.

Adaptable, lightweight and more productive

The HP EliteBook 605 Series features a lightweight design and superior productivity, plus the myHP app to enable HP hardware and software innovations, access to conference settings, a programmable key and more. On the other hand, it is possible to travel with a second SSD drive to be able to carry more files on the go. They have an optional larger battery (51.3W) to increase battery life and allow you to transfer documents, photos, videos and other multimedia files between mobile devices or a PC thanks to HP QuickDrop. All 605 Series PCs feature an AMD UMA graphics card and the latest AMD RyzenTM processor.

Designed to collaborate and communicate more easily

In addition, it includes features to improve video resolution and image quality by combining HP Super Resolution backlight tuning and low-light tuning, as well as an HD / HD + IR camera with temporary noise reduction and a wider field of view. Which provides a clearer picture and better video experience. In terms of audio, it allows you to listen and listen to HP AI Noise Reduction 2.0 with HP Clear Voice, HP Dynamic Audio, and HP Audio Calibration.

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The best armored equipment that provides greater safety when working at home or in the office

The HP EliteBook 605 Series is designed for those workers who vacillate between the office, home or other locations and who need a high level of processing and the right tools for continuous collaboration with their peers without compromising their security while surfing the web. The lock that protects your PC from physical intrusions and HP Wolf Security for Business that creates strong and always-enhanced hardware defense.

The HP EliteBook 605 series contains self-repairing firmware to prevent potential crashes caused by firmware attacks or HP Sure Start corruption. It features the world’s first self-repairing BIOS that reboots and creates a secure copy of the BIOS if an attack or corruption is detected. In addition, it includes HP Wolf Security which provides several layers of security, based on Zero Trust principles to be able to operate with confidence. Finally, it gives the user the ability to restore the operating system from anywhere without IT intervention or internet connection thanks to HP Sure Recover Gen5.

“Equipment like the one presented today represents the innovative solutions companies like HP are developing for the future of work that are ideal not only for users, but also for IT experts.” Bruno Ortolani, Regional Director, HP Inc. in Latin America. “With upgrades like the 605 Series, managers in the industry are increasing their reach and visibility while better managing the workforce across their different locations and protecting the organization from looming cyber threats,” he concluded.

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Gustavo Ramirez, AMD Latin America Sales for HP commented: “At AMD we constantly strive to break the boundaries of innovation to continue delivering products that improve user experiences. We feel lucky to be able to bring these HP PCs, powered by a series of processors. Ryzen PRO 5000, which dramatically increases the capabilities of ultra-thin business laptops, offering our customers a work routine, commanding performance, exceptional battery life and robust security features for every work environment.These benefits are the result of incorporating the innovative “Zen 3” architecture, which allows regulation and optimized flow in mobile computing systems with up to 8 cores and 16 threads. All this through a 7nm chip manufacturing process.”

The all-new HP 605 Series is powered by Windows 11 that protects users from threats by separating hardware, software, operating system threats, robust security within mobile apps, and data theft.

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Price and availability

Pricing and availability of the HP EliteBook 645 and 655 G9 will be announced as soon as it becomes available in Latin America from April 20, 2022 with authorized distributors.

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