June 21, 2024

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Huasteca: 18 schools receive recognition as health promoters – El Sol de Hidalgo

Huasteca: 18 schools receive recognition as health promoters – El Sol de Hidalgo

The head of the Hidalgo Secretariat of Health (SSH), María Zoraida Robles Barrera, visited Huegutla to give 18 educational schools in the Huasteca region recognition that makes them health promotion schools.

Secretary Zoraida Robles explained that the primary goal is to strive, in a coordinated way, to achieve the physical, emotional and social well-being of students, through 3 interventions: correct nutrition, adequate hydration and increased physical activity, which in the end will encourage them to have a comprehensive approach, helping them to develop in a balanced way.

In this sense, Health Minister Robles Parreira added that this strategy is a clear example that education and health are inseparable, as teaching students habits for a healthy life from an early age is an investment in their future which should include the promotion of a balanced diet, and the importance of exercising. Sports, personal hygiene and mental health care.

It is worth noting that within the Health Promotion and Social Determinants Programme, procedures are being developed in coordination with the Secretariat of Public Education in the region, directed towards “accrediting schools as health enhancers”, in order to build appropriate environments and a new health culture generated through knowledge.

In close collaboration between school campuses, activities such as training courses, workshops and educational courses, celebration of dates related to health issues, civic celebrations and marches, information meetings, school council involvement to support the programme, participation in health weeks and campaigns and promotion of community engagement are carried out.