December 6, 2023

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The main group and Pagaso join forces to form green solutions

The main group and Pagaso join forces to form green solutions

Italian shoe machinery company Main group And technology company Pegasus They came together to form a new company: Green solutions. This company was founded to meet the need to think about new production models based on sustainability and efficiency. To achieve this, Green Solutions will design and create production lines for shoe soles using recycled materials.

The new Green Solutions facilities are designed around three key principles: sustainability, supported by technologies that facilitate efficient recovery of waste in production; Tracking, using Programming To provide complete control over raw materials and finished products, automation is an essential tool to maximize process efficiency, reduce time and minimize waste.

Green Solutions production lines incorporate direct injection machines for thermoplastics, e.g Eve And TPU, with a set of auxiliary equipment for material feeding, moisture removal and automatic dosing. The entire system works in an automated and interconnected manner.

“We want to offer our customers a complete service,” he explains. Mirko Pray, CEO of Green Solutions. “We accompany them from the beginning, including feasibility studies and cost analysis, until the plant is installed and commissioned. We know that many manufacturers want to adopt this technology but are hesitant due to the complexity of these systems and their implementation methods. We have specific knowledge in this area and we make it available to our customers and guide them step by step,” explains Bray.

“Thanks to our systems, we can reduce raw material waste by up to 20% and increase automated processes by up to 40%. “These results allow us to make the shoe production cycle more sustainable, make it more efficient and reintroduce waste into the process, something that would have been unthinkable not so long ago.” Mariano Bonatohead of the main group.

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Mirko Bray (left), CEO of Green Solutions, and Mariano Bonato, Head of the Main Group.