June 23, 2024

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I went through a period of depression

I went through a period of depression

Tenny Stossel In an interview, he revealed details of the mental health issues he has been experiencing recently.

“I went through a period of depression, anxiety and panic attacks… It was a difficult process.”, it was Tiny’s discovery, which gave a name to the problems she experienced. “When I gave a name to what was happening to me, I understood what was happening to me and I began to be able to verbalize what was happening to me.”

“This year I hit rock bottom in many aspects of my life. I decided to put a lot of things on hold to get out of the hole I was living in.”

In another part of the interview, Teni highlighted the help of professionals and the people around her: “With the help of professionals, I was able to put a name to what was happening to me.”. “For people to be able to understand that through the songs will be very special,” he concluded.

Teni’s background regarding her mental health

A few months ago during a show in Barcelona Tini revealed her mental health: she said she was suffering Panic attacks It was difficult for him to get out of bed, but he fought it with the help of a psychiatrist and the presence of friends.

“Three weeks ago, it was a long way off for me to be able to go on stage again, which was a goal I had in mind. And to be able to be here is a great achievement. Thank you for all the love.” “You give me, thank you very much,” “Really, thank you very much,” he admitted Martina Stosselin the middle of its presentation.

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TinyHe had explained before speaking: “Literally, three weeks ago I almost hit rock bottom. I couldn’t get out of bed. I had panic attacks, for different reasons, personal reasons.”.

The artist explained: “I did not see myself being able to style my hair again, and give an interview, and I was thinking of doing this tour in Spain, where I have a large community, and I gathered my strength to achieve this goal.” .

“My friends who traveled with me, my boyfriend, my psychiatrist who I had treatment with every day for two months, helped me. And here I am.”She closed the singer, who is going through a sensitive moment in her mental health.