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Ignore Dorival! The gap between Brazil and Uruguay is huge before the penalty shootout

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TEverything is decided In penalty kicksAfter arrival At the end of the second half, there were no goals on the scoreboard.Uruguay and Brazil, two of the teams The strongest in the tournament (if not most with the permission of Argentina and Colombia), They will see each other in penalty kicks. To decide Who will reach the semi-finals of the Copa America?.

The meeting has left us Very strange pictureat the time of Suggest a strategy to follow to start from eleven meters away.. Perception showed us a plan. About the two teams’ talk And the The difference between them is miserableFirst and foremost, they show us For the Brazilian teamwhich are collected in a circle with Dorival to get out of itAs if that wasn’t enough, at a certain point the Brazilian coach He tried to try to communicate with his players.and raised his hand for that. However, Dorival had to hide it by scratching his head. After what No player cared about it..

Later, perception showed us For the “Charo” team.. the differenceit’s clearAll Uruguay players. They were waiting for Bielsa’s instructions. And they centered around him. Meanwhile, with the notebook, He informed his people of the plan to be followed.Coincidence or not?The match ended with Uruguay’s victory over Brazil 4-2. On the sanctions They are already in the quarter-finals.. Could this detail be a deciding factor in the technical discussion of the final result?

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