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Marlon Wayans mocks thieves who broke into his Hollywood mansion: ‘I have no money’

Marlon Wayans mocks thieves who broke into his Hollywood mansion: ‘I have no money’

Marlon Wayans responds to burglars who broke into his Los Angeles home. (Photo: Reuters/Mike Blake)

famous actor Marlon Wayans He broke his silence after a burglar targeted his Los Angeles home last weekend.

In a video posted to his Instagram account, the 51-year-old comedian thanked the support he received from his followers and close friends who are concerned for his safety after the incident, and downplayed the value of the stolen property. “I want you to know this They didn’t get much because I had nothing.“, he claimed.

Marlon Wayans’ home is a modern country home worth $5.4 million. (Credit: Realtor)

“The most valuable thing in my house is my house. So unless you’re going to put this thing on a truck and tow it, yeah man, I did a good job, but I got nothing. I don’t wear jewelry. [Incluso] My ring is fake, it’s a heart rate monitor. I’m not a show-off. I don’t wear jewelry or necklaces. I don’t have money. I use credit cards.

Actor known for his role in the movie Where are the blondes?He wrote in the video description that he lives with two cats and that his 1994 Range Rover would be hard to steal because of the dead battery: “You want to take all this? You’ll hurt your back! And for what?!”

The robbery comes a month after the comedian premiered his new comedy show, Good Grief. (Source: Prime Video)

Furthermore, he addressed the thieves directly in a mocking tone.I repeat: I have nothing of value. Please choose a [emoji de destino] Best, thank you and I love you… However”.

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The incident was initially reported by TMZ, which cited law enforcement sources who confirmed that Wayans’ home was the latest in a string of burglaries in the area. quinine ivory wayansThe actor’s older brother was home at the time of the robbery. He was about to wake up when he heard noises coming from downstairs, but didn’t recognize it as his own, so he went back to sleep.

Wayans is known for his performances in “Scary Movie” and “Where Are the Blondes?” (Credits: Netflix)

The next day, one of Wayans’ employees discovered that the house had been ransacked, with a safe and thousands of dollars in cash stolen. The justice department has already begun an investigation, but no arrests have been made yet.

The comedian is now among several Los Angeles celebrities who have had their homes broken into. Others affected include Lee Byung Hunfor squid gameNBA star Paul Pierceformer Clippers player Patrick Patterson And joydaughter of Kyle Richards.

Lee Byung-hun and other celebrities are robbed at their homes in Los Angeles. (Credit: Reuters/Reinhard Krause)

Marlon Wayans is also an American screenwriter and producer, known for his irreverent humor and roles in films such as Scary movie And Small but dangerousIn 1995, he co-wrote and starred in the series with his brother Sean. Wayans Bros.a hugely successful show that ran for six seasons and catapulted them to stardom.

In recent years, he has continued to work in film and television, appearing in films such as Marmaduke And Naked; as well as parody 50 shades of black And Idleness Paranormal.

Marlon Wayans celebrated Pride Month by sharing a photo in support of the LGBTIQ+ community. (Source: Instagram/@marlonwayans)

Most recently, the actor has made headlines for speaking out against homophobia, after expressing support for his transgender son, Kai, on his new comedy show. Good sadness.

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He also uploaded a photo to Instagram of himself in metallic pants, bare-chested and wearing a rainbow flag. “Happy Pride to all the LGBTQ+ people out there,” he wrote in the caption. “Note: I’m straight. Well, according to my son, I’m a cisgender man. I just love and support my people.He explained.

Wayans expressed concern if his fans showed disapproval of his support for the community. gayBecause that means they “never loved him in the first place.” “How can you love someone when you’re so busy judging?” he concluded. “Some of you are funny.”