July 14, 2024

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What is the market cap of Ethereum on July 7?

What is the market cap of Ethereum on July 7?

Ether is the token of Ethereum, a blockchain-based network that serves as the basis for popular smart contracts. (Info)

Ethereum It is a digital platform that relies on blockchain technology and expands its use to include a wide range of applications, while Ether is the original cryptocurrency.In the world of digital finance, it is common to call a cryptocurrency a network, although it is not actually the same thing.

Ethereum platform, Created in 2015 by programmer Vitalik ButerinIt aims to be a tool for decentralized and collaborative applications through which smart contracts (dAPPs) can be created.

Like Bitcoin, Ether has seen its value rise dramatically in a short period of time. In January 2016, Ether was trading around $1. The current historical high is 4891.7 units..

Ethereum cryptocurrency price Today at 09:30 (UTC) it is $3029.18 per unit.

This means that digital assets are registered. Changed by 1.26% in the last 24 hours. Beside Variation -0.03% in the last 60 minutes.

Currently, Ethereum is ranked second in popularity in the digital market. It is worth noting that the historical maximum reached by this digital currency is $4891.7 per unit.

After months of delay and fear that it would never happen, finally September 15, 2022 Ethereum has implemented the long-awaited merge or update to the new level 2.0 with the promise of improving the user experience of this cryptocurrency.

“merge”, English for “fusion”is a shift in the way Ethereum processes transactions and how new Ether tokens are created.

A representation of the cryptocurrency Ether. (Reuters)

This merger is about A combination of the Ethereum blockchain with a new separate blockchain Known as proof of stake, which It reduces energy consumption. The Ethereum blockchain is 99.9% free, according to its developers, making it more “friendly” to the environment while making transactions cheaper.

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His defenders They believe the merger will give Ethereum an edge over its main competitor Bitcoin.because it may increase its use.

In the Proof Stake process, Ether owners will lock up specific amounts of their cryptocurrency to verify new records on the blockchain, earning new coins in addition to their “stake” cryptocurrency.