June 16, 2024

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Ikea introduces an invention that turns your living room table into a wireless charging base

Ikea introduces an invention that turns your living room table into a wireless charging base

No more table manners! Ikea presents a new invention that will allow your living room table, beyond performing its traditional function, Allow charging of our mobile phone or any device that allows wireless charging. Forget about charging bases, portable batteries, and other kinds of inventions for charging cell phones and other devices, because once the compatible device is placed on the table, it will charge as if it were a giant charging base.

Turn any plastic or wooden table into a docking station

This latest invention of the company specializing in furniture and household appliances is called Sjmrke It is neither more nor less than a A $40 Qi charger that sits under the table to transfer power to the device you place it on. Does it cause any inconvenience or could it damage some things on the table? apparently not. The Qi charger does not interfere with other items outside the compatible device nor does it interfere with decoration, as it is placed under the table and is a very small device.

Sjmrke can be used outside the table in our living room: it can also be used Side tables, desks and even our nightstand. Its installation is very easy, as it can be attached or taped with double-sided tape under plastic and wood surfaces between 8 and 22 mm thick, according to reports from Gizmodo. Despite the fact that Ikea already has a wide range of furniture with built-in wireless charging, the truth is that Sjmrke allows us to save good money by Add this new technology to the traditional furniture we have at home.

Availability, price and other features

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When can you buy this new product? Apparently, it will be available in physical stores and on the Ikea website, and as we’ve specified before, it will be priced at $40. Regarding its power, Ikea does not specify anything, although it is expected that it will be at least 5 watts. It comes with a status LED and a temperature monitor to avoid disturbances.