August 14, 2022

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"I'm sure we'll see an external display for the new Macs": Gorman has no doubts

“I’m sure we’ll see an external display for the new Macs”: Gorman has no doubts

We’ve been waiting for a new Apple monitor for yearsAnd An external monitor other than Pro Display XDR And much cheaper. After last week’s rumors, now Mark Gorman says Apple will release a new screen to match their latest Mac. An external monitor at a very reasonable price and within the reach of the average consumer.

External screen sold by the bunch

I firmly believe that Apple will release a new external display for its latest Macs. A cheaper screen, I think, will be sold to those looking to add a bigger screen to their new MacBook Pro without spending the car entrance equivalent of the luxury that is the Pro Display XDR. At this point, the cost of creating a screen will likely have come down and perhaps with some adjustments and lowering the brightness, Apple will be able to get a screen of similar quality (being smaller) perhaps at half the price.

This is how Gorman expressed himself In your weekly newsletter Compared to a new external display from Apple. Details are vague, other than the fact that the journalist is convinced that we will see such a product. And this makes perfect sense, since it is a product that Apple sold in the past.

A lot has changed Two and a half years ago, Apple introduced the Pro Display XDR. This screen lacks technologies like ProMotion or mini-LED, both of which are standard on the new device MacBook Pro 2021. And its price continues to leave within reach of a lucky few.

Gurman suggests a smaller screen, with the latest technology already available on Macs but “at half the price”. The cheapest Pro Display XDR model costs €5499, adding an extra 1,000 euros if we want it with nanofabric. “Half” that is still a lot of euros. Definitely more than the 14-inch MacBook Pro costs.

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Connect one of these new Macs to a monitor with worse specs than your own Makes the experience suffer. Your Apple monitor should at least offer what you already have and it won’t come cheap.