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Immortals of Aveum: Nearly half of Ascendant Studios’ employees have been laid off

Immortals of Aveum: Nearly half of Ascendant Studios’ employees have been laid off

Immortals by Aveum, from Ascendant Studios.

Essam It’s not a distributor known for giving opportunities to new video game series with its big studios, especially in recent years, as it always tends to go for the safe thing. Fortunately, with the program EA Origins The company is encouraged from time to time to give a chance to new proposals that come from small studios, such as the recent ones The Immortals of Avium. This particular game was intended to compete with AAA offerings, which was perhaps too ambitious for the project. Now, nearly a month after its launch, Rookie Studios He has laid off nearly half his staff.

In a statement issued by the executive producer Brett RobbinsIt turns out that 45% of the people who work in it Rookie Studios He lost his job. The reason behind these layoffs was not officially revealed, but some of the dismissed employees provided statements to the Polygon portal, where they commented that in the company’s internal announcement Robbins referred to a decline in sales The Immortals of Avium As a reason for dismissal. The situation was so difficult that one former employee commented that the game was a game EA Origins Less sold. It is estimated that a total of 40 people have been laid off out of the approximately 100 people working at the studio.

Immortals from Aveum, through Ascendant Studios

Robbins added in the official statement that they are helping those affected through compensation and assistance in finding future jobs. Significantly The Immortals of Avium It was one of the first games to start using the engine Unreal Engine 5, so Robbins highlights this aspect to help his former employees obtain new jobs within the industry. In the meantime, Rookie Studios It will remain open for business to provide support The Immortals of AviumBecause according to the affected employees, Robbins said this decision was necessary to avoid having to close the studio.

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The Immortals of Avium Available in PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox Series S And Computer.