July 14, 2024

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In Argentina they ask for approval of projects against denial

In Argentina they ask for approval of projects against denial

During an information meeting of the House of Representatives, member of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Linea Fundadora, Tati Almeida, asked lawmakers to analyze projects to punish and exclude those who claim or try to hide the atrocities committed during the recent period. Civil-military dictatorship in this country (1976-1983).

For his part, Higos member Carlos Pisoni stressed the importance of educating and training public officials, as well as the need to consider statements and actions of this kind a crime.

In turn, Mabel Careja, daughter of the detained and disappeared Esther Ballestrino, considered that legal initiatives to combat this phenomenon also allow for the protection of victims of state terrorism and all Argentines.

Meanwhile, the President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights, Eduardo Tavani, urged to continue defending the banner of memory, truth and justice against hate speech.

During his speech, the deputy of the All Front, Hugo Yassky, denounced the recent statements made by the candidate for the position of vice president of the Avanza Freedom Party, Victoria Villarroel, whom he accused of denial, alleging genocide and contempt for democratic institutions.

On his personal page on the social networking site X, Villarruel repeated his speech against the aforementioned organizations and tried to defame their struggle.

The recovered grandson, Guillermo Pérez, rejected these statements, and expressed his concern that there are candidates to rule this nation who deny what happened during the regime in which 30,000 people disappeared, including his parents.

It moves me a lot to hear statements like what happened in those years were just “excesses.” He said that they were not transgressions, but crimes against humanity and a systematic plan aimed at keeping the children of the victims in that genocidal dictatorship.

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Lawmakers are considering amending Article 213 of the Penal Code to strengthen confrontation with these behaviors, creating prison sentences ranging from three months to two years, fines, dismissal, and prohibition from holding public office for 10 years, among other measures.

In addition, they are examining the resources needed to prevent those who allege state terrorism from running for elective office, and are discussing the establishment of an Observatory for Democratic Coexistence whose goals would be to design academic measures against hate speech and violence.