August 14, 2022

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In film and television: The Moon Knight director addressed Marvel Studios with his characters

In film and television: The Moon Knight director addressed Marvel Studios with his characters

Despite the series’ success, as the first Marvel Studios project exclusively to broadcast Disney+, it was easy to anticipate Wandavision Leads to the second season.

But the final decision will indicate the opposite, actress Elizabeth Olsen herself declared, because Scarlet Witch will continue her story on the big screen – in what will be the next Doctor Strange movie – while at the moment it is not entirely known what will happen to the vision.

In this scenario, one of the chain managers moon knight, Mohamed Diabreiterated that WandaVision will not have a new season, but stressed that this is also a positive for the MCU.

It’s like a crazy world. Even with a successful series like Wandavision, Marvel won’t be doing a second season. I jumped into a movie. Maybe you will come back or not. I don’t know this is sexystressed the director in an interview with sfx magazine.

For now at Marvel Studios, they haven’t revealed what the future of the MCU holds, because after some announced projects, like the Fantastic Four, they haven’t revealed if they’ll keep the idea that some projects will take over from the Avengers movies to serve as the central hub in which it all unfolds.

In that sense, Diab has of course expressed an interest in Moon Knight making the leap to the big screen, but that clearly doesn’t mean he will always be there. “I’m dreaming and hoping for a movie, but with Marvel, the way they do it’s not like you’re graduating for a movie. You can go there or go to the series and back,” the director said.

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“But I can assure you that I see Moon Knight for the next 10 years, not just in the next movie,” he says. “He’s a very interesting character. He’s probably the most interesting character any actor could play. Oscar does a great job. People really love him even from the trailer. I think the series will resonate with people, so I see it’s all about us.” For a long time,” Diab predicted.