June 23, 2024

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In the end, it seems that we are living in a simulation of the Matrix, or at least that is what this world advocates

In the end, it seems that we are living in a simulation of the Matrix, or at least that is what this world advocates

A widely theoretical hypothesis could become more realistic than we thought

Image of the code that appeared in the movie The Matrix

This fantasy genre has millions of followers around the world. Users of streaming platforms can watch science fiction movies on Netflix or some examples shown by cinema about the relationship between the brain and the machine. However, beyond the premise described in “The Matrix,” this appears to be the case Our reality Yes it could be perfect simulation.

Welcome to the world of simulation reality

Although Morpheus explained to Neo exactly what the Matrix means, many philosophers and science theorists in our world have been investigating for decades whether it is, in fact, possible for us to be one. Living in a simulation. It seems, as scientist Melvin Fopson mentioned in A Article published in AIP Advancesthis is It could be true.

This professor from the University of Portsmouth has published a book Essay on conversationwhere it refers to Prospect It would exist if we were Living in a simulated environmentWhich may initially raise a thousand and one questions, the answers to which may be equally or more complex.

Melvin alludes to the laws of physicsWhich explains everything that happens in the universe, especially in… The second principle of thermodynamicsWhich talks about how much Entropy The universe tends to increase over time. That is, it proves the irreversibility of physical phenomena.

Based on this principle, the scientist explains that it can be applied to information systems, which he himself defined as the fifth state of matter. However, the entropy in these systems tends to stay the same or decrease, which is contrary to the second principle of thermodynamics, which is the point at which Melvin chose to focus on the second law of information dynamics. The scientist himself points out:

We know from thermodynamics that entropy is always increasing. I argue that this shows that another entropy, information entropy, must exist to balance the increase.

Melvin Fopson, who has spent part of his time in recent years researching mutations in the famous SARS-CoV-2 virus, notes that there is a “unique connection between information and the dynamics of genetic mutations.” Thistle From the second law of information dynamics Why can you? He explains Which Our universe is a simulation. According to Professor Fopson:

An ultra-complex universe like ours, if it were a simulation, would require data optimization and compression in order to reduce the computational power and data storage requirements to run the simulation. This is exactly what we observe around us, including digital data, biological systems, mathematical symmetries, and the entire universe.

for now, We’re not even talking about theory.But hypothesis It is necessary to start working on the theory. It will take several hours of work To show that we’re living in a simulation, although of course, if the real world is anything like the world depicted in The Matrix, I’d rather take the blue pill and continue living deluded. The movie actually said: “Ignorance is bliss.”

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