August 14, 2022

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La Unidad Empresarial de Base (UEB) Eléctrica Tercer Frente incorpora a comunidades del municipio al programa de electrificación de viviendas aisladas con sistemas solares fotovoltaicos, a tono con la política nacional de mejorar la matriz energética a partir de fuentes renovables.

Increased use of renewable energy in the municipality of Santiago de Cuba

Third Front, Santiago de Cuba, May 29 (ACN) 3rd Front Electric Base Business Unit (UEB) Incorporating municipal communities into the electrification program of insulated homes with solar PV systems, in line with the national policy to improve the energy matrix from renewable sources.

Yordes Antonio Garcia, its director, told Cuban News Agency that out of the entity’s 11,114 clients in the residential sector, 64 households benefit from 450-watt-hour panels at various hard-to-reach points. in the mountainous mass.

Among the factors that prevented electricity service from reaching these locations, he cited the distance and imbalances of the terrain, aspects that had been overcome with the installation of solar energy systems.

Garcia commented on the recent electrification of 500 watt-hours of photovoltaic power from 31 homes in the Los Lazos community, which is complex due to critical accessibility and low voltage, which benefited from the generator set four hours a day and its residents currently enjoying the current throughout the day.

The engineer highlighted the impact of this measure aimed at improving the energy matrix in the country, because with these systems the use of diesel to generate electricity and provide energy carriers is reduced.

He noted that solar panel users pay a monthly bill of 10 pesos in the national currency, a price that differs significantly from that of the rated service of the photovoltaic system, incrementally and with ranges of its amount according to consumption.

He noted that in Tercer Frente, another community, La Campula, also receives electricity from the Electrogen group, which must change within a period of time after being replaced by PV systems.

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As he said, they are currently conducting a survey to locate other places and homes in this municipality, 100% of the work of the revolution, which can be incorporated into the solar panel program in future periods.

Garcia said they have so far identified 19 sites with metered and low-voltage power lines, reasons for their assessment of the potential for installing this type of renewable energy.

The demarcation, located in the Sierra Maestra, directs its actions to improve the living conditions of its 30,043 inhabitants, and for this purpose, electrification throughout its geography is essential.