December 4, 2021

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Con la pandemia se incrementaron los casos de estrés, agotamiento físico y mental (Shutterstock)

Indispensable for ensuring the physical and mental health of workers: PT

Mexico City /

Labor lawmaker Giovanna Banuelos de la Torre has asked the Department of Labor and Social Welfare and her counterparts in the 32 states Verify that employers comply with labor measures to ensure physical and mental health of workers.

Banuelos de la Torre highlighted that with the spread of the epidemic, the incidence of stress and physical and mental exhaustion increased, as well as a lack of motivation to perform work activities and anxiety, Due to workload or tasks, lack of treatment for covid-19 The death of family members or loved ones.

“The wear and tear and workload associated with the occupational exercise of employees performing essential activities, particularly in the health or service sectors, has led to the emergence of anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue and even post-traumatic stress that can hold people back,” the senator said.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has warned that since the start of the emergency, Millions of workers lost their jobs And those who continued to do so suffered great disturbances in the way their actions were organized and carried out. With schemes implemented so as not to cut employees And it implies a reduction in wages and benefits.

Banuelos de la Torre stressed that the prevalence of anxiety in Mexico rose from 15 percent of the population before the pandemic to 50 percent, after the first waves of COVID-19. The largest increase among all OIC countries and the highest level observed.

Similarly, an increase was observed in the prevalence of depression, which rose from the level of three per cent before the epidemic to 27.6 per cent of the population, After nearly a year of health emergency.

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In Mexico, a senator from the Workers’ Party warned, absenteeism related to mental disorders represents a 23.8 percent loss in employee productivity, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security; It is estimated that it will rise in the following year from 11 to 15 percentExpenses allocated for the care of occupational disabilities related to mental disorders.

Banuelos de la Torre warned of the lack of attention to psychosocial risk factors in the world of work It costs the national production apparatus about 16 billion pesos annually.