December 1, 2021

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Corona virus in Spain live: the third dose, occurrence and new restrictions |  past hour today

Corona virus in Spain live: the third dose, occurrence and new restrictions | past hour today

Madrid: 854 new injuries and 3 deaths

The Madrid community was notified on Saturday 854 new cases of corona virus, 3 fewer cases than yesterday, and 3 deaths in hospitals, while plant incomes rose slightly, though Patients in critical care units (70) patients were maintained.

Among the 854 new positives, 719 reported in the last twenty-four hoursAccording to the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health.

Increase in plant patients

While the number of hospitalized patients at the factory rose to 342, compared to 337 patients admitted on Friday. Critical patients remain in the intensive care unit at 70.

And the injuries increased compared to last week, as it rose from 609 cases that were recorded on Saturday, November 13, to 854 cases on Saturday, while the number of deaths remained the same (3).

The pressure in the hospital increased This Friday on the ward compared to last week when there were 294 patients admitted compared to 342 today and are practically booked in intensive care units compared to the same day the previous week, with 68 patients on Saturday November 13 compared to 70 this Saturday.

Accumulating in society throughout the epidemic

The Madrid region has been piling up since the beginning of the epidemic 92,004 positive cases and 18,228 deaths In the hospitals that we should add to it 5,112 in health centers, 1,429 in homes, and 31 elsewhere, so the total number of deaths is 24,800.

Throughout the health crisis 127,012 people have required hospitalization in the factory And 13,484 passed through intensive care units.

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Part of this Saturday gives an account of 30 new hospital discharges and 946 people are still in home surveillance by primary care services.

Given Vaccines

The area has 10,333,053 doses administered Of the total 108,25829 vaccines received so far, according to the daily report from the Community of Madrid, detailing that 78.3% of the general population has been immunized. Up to 90.0% with the full guideline in the case of the target population (above 12 years of age).

In the Community of Madrid, 5,135,551 first doses (4,439,470 from Pfizer and Moderna, 696,081 from AstraZeneca), 4,556,321 second doses (3,937,037 from Pfizer and Moderna) , and 619,284 from AstraZeneca), 414,358f third dose and Moderna, as well as 236,823 single doses of Janssen.