December 4, 2021

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The brutal statements of Raul Jimenez that left Chicharito in the shadows

The brutal statements of Raul Jimenez that left Chicharito in the shadows

Raul Jimenez scored 37 goals during his stay in the Premier League. (Photo: Peter Powell/Eve)

aztec attacker, Raul Jimenez Gave the victory to the team Wolverhampton Kiss sub head from Premier League, The West Ham United team In this way they approach positions in European competitions. Thanks to a single goal from Mexican wolf In a duel corresponding to Match day 12 in a Molino . Stadium, The Wolves Temporarily placed in Sixth place.

In this way, the Mexican striker managed to score his goal The third goal of the season, thus placing himself between Mexican scorers in the English Premier League from England. In addition, he could reach and become the first place if he continues to score goals with Wolverhampton.

After the match he fought in during the first half, that was even minute 58 When after a pass from David BodensRaul was left alone on the edge of the big area, who primarily finished his shot at the goalkeeper’s right post, Lukas Fabianski He couldn’t do anything to stop the Mexican shot.

On the other hand, with this goal he scored against West Ham United, Raul Jimenez has increased his numbers within the Premier League and continues to rise as one of the top Mexican scorers in the English Championship.

The Mexican has a hold up June 2024 With the England national team, so if he complies fully, he will have a great opportunity to be a Mexican Most goals in the most competitive league in the world.

Javier Chicharito Hernandez is the highest Mexican scorer in the Premier League with 53 goals.  (Photo: Twitter /ManUtd_Es)
Javier Chicharito Hernandez is the highest Mexican scorer in the Premier League with 53 goals. (Photo: Twitter /ManUtd_Es)

It must be remembered that many Mexicans have played and starred in the English Premier League. There are also players like Giovanni dos SantosAnd Carlos SalcedoAnd Pablo Barrera And Neri Castillo that despite watching events in this league, They failed to register Not one goal with their respective clubs.

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Otherwise, a football player like Miguel Line with the WatfordI managed to play a season and I managed to do it Goal; Jared Borgetti, was another Aztec striker who almost reached the final stage of his career, reaching Bolton Wandererswith whom did you get Two annotations; Carlos Candle He was initially active as a striker in Arsenal And West Bromwich Albion, with both clubs managed to score a total 5 goals.

Also, it must be remembered that the Argentine naturalized Mexican, Guillermo Franco, he codified the same number with 5 goalswho defended the colors West Ham United team; Raul Jimenez is the only Mexican currently participating in the league, and Wolverhampton is adding a number of 37 goals And finally count, Javier Hernandez He is the Aztec top scorer in England, due to the fact that he has 53 goalsThe same one who wore her shirts Manchester United And West Ham United team.

Finally, Team Wolves I will premiere a documentary film About the horrific injury to the skull sustained by Raul Jimenez, whose name will be mentioned reply code. Through their social networks, the English team posted a video with formulations from some family members From the Mexican national team. In addition, coach certifications are then added, Nono the Holy Spirit, the doctor Matt Berry team capital, Conor Coady.

The Wolves team will screen a documentary for the first time, titled "Code Road" He collected the testimonies of relatives and colleagues of Raul Jimenez after his skull injury.  (Photo: Sean Bottrell/Reuters)
The Wolves team will screen a documentary “Code Rode” that collects the testimonies of Raul Jiménez’s family and colleagues after his skull injury. (Photo: Sean Bottrell/Reuters)

It is worth noting that the Aztec striker returns to his good form after him infection, in which he suffered skull fracture In a confrontation against the Brazilian defender, David Louis Which took him off the court for several months and even missed him a lot last season.

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Filming will start today November 20 On .’s content platform BBC, while even December 8 It will be available at official channels subordinate Wolves.

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