July 1, 2022

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Intel Core i9-12900K se filters with DDR5-8000 . memory

Intel Core i9-12900K se filters with DDR5-8000 . memory

We still see families leaking from Core i9-12900K, this time in conjunction with a memory DDR5 Which seems to be overclocked too fast.

Seen Intel Core i9-12900K with DDR5-8000

The leak comes from a Twitter user REHWKAnd Who posted screenshots of Core i9-12900K with memory DDR5 overclosekada in the tool CPU-Z.

It’s the same Twitter filter, Ryohak, has already revealed some other information about this processor, such as the latest performance numbers i9 “Alder Lake” employment Cinebench R23 in a multi-core.

In the latest shared snapshots, you can see files Core i9-12900K Works on the motherboard Z690 and with memory DDR5 a 8000MHz. The motherboard is a file Gigabyte Z690 TachunDesigned for the performance and overclocking enthusiast. This reveals that manufacturers already have fully functional LGA1700 motherboards today. The motherboard will only have two memory slots.


RAM has been overclocked to 4004MHz, i.e. 8008 millionMHz. The times are configured as follows; 50-50-50-125-150 (CL, tRDC, tRP, tRAS and tRC respectively). What we don’t know is how fast the memory is without overclocking.


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Treatments Intel Core Memories will be supported by default DDR4 – 3200 NS DDR5-4800. All slides Z690 They are ready for it and the CPUs too. What we don’t know

As additional data, GB It will announce its DDR5 memories with a profile XMP-6200 and times 38-38-38-76-125.

CPUs Los Intel Core they will shoot November 4 Along with DDR5 memories and the battery of the new LGA 1700 motherboards, which could be the Z690 at launch.

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