July 14, 2024

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Internet outage affects US auto dealers

Internet outage affects US auto dealers

CDK Global systems outage affects auto dealerships in the US and Canada. (ESET).

the Cyber ​​disruption In technology and software provider CDK It disrupted the work of car dealers in United State And Canada For two days in a row. Since Wednesday, June 19, the company has faced difficulties affecting thousands of customers across the country north americaincluding those BMW Group.

Spokesman BMW North America The situation is confirmed for Reuterspointing to: “CDK stopped It affects auto dealers in the United States and Canada, including a portion of BMW Group dealers. The extent of the outage forced CDK to preemptively shut down most of its systems on Wednesday, with the goal of fully investigating the incident and restoring its services.

CDK InternationalWhich serves more than 15,000 retail establishments in north americaThe exact number of affected merchants was not determined. However, it is known that the impact has been significant, raising concern among merchants who rely on their systems for daily operations, such as inventory management and customer communication.

the National Automobile Dealers Association They spoke about the situation, stressing the importance of protecting their customers’ information: “Merchants They are strongly committed to protecting their customers’ information and actively seek information from them CDK To determine the nature and scope of the cyber incident in order to respond appropriately.”

BMW Group dealers in North America are among those affected by the CDK failure. – (Illustrative image)

On the other side, HolmanThe private car dealership reported that the power outage severely affected its phone system, making its daily operations more difficult. Uncertainty about how long these issues will last adds an additional layer of pressure on these companies.

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The incident has left many traders unable to transact efficiently. An anonymous distributor revealed that he received a message from CDK Suggesting that it may take several more days before their systems return to normal. This long wait represents a major challenge, especially since these systems are essential for managing service appointments, sales, and other daily operations.

It is important to remember that in April 2022, Brookfield Business Partners I got the CDK for $6.41 billion (€6.182 million at the time) in a cash deal. This acquisition caused CDK, previously one of the largest publicly traded software providers, to become a private entity.

Spokesman CDK Contacted Reuters The company has proactively shut down most of its systems in response to the cyber incident and they are working hard to restore services. The priority, according to the spokesperson, is to ensure that dealership businesses return to normal soon, although he did not provide a specific timeline for a full resolution.