July 14, 2024

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“There will be no flogging, but the situation is dangerous.”

“There will be no flogging, but the situation is dangerous.”

Controversy about the possibility of someone collapsing The great arteries that regulate the Earth’s climate he returned to It resurfaces filled with controversy. In recent weeks, after holding a scientific conference and publishing many messages on social networks, talk has returned again about… Aggravation ‘vital signs“From the great Atlantic current.” (known as I love cfor its abbreviation in English) And the possibility of its collapse in the coming decades So is he Impact on the climate of the Northern Hemisphere. In this sense, there are those who speculate that if this happens, Europe could be plunged into a massive ice age or ice age. The physicist and meteorologist explains: “There is no scientific evidence that we are heading towards an ice age, but the situation is serious.” Isabel Moreno.

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