May 20, 2024

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Iran responds to NATO and stresses the specter of drones

Iran responds to NATO and stresses the specter of drones

Iran rejects NATO’s accusations of “providing Russia with drones,” and reiterates its full respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries.

related charges Iran’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis They are baseless and aim for short-term profits.”reads a statement from the Iranian Embassy in Brussels (Belgium), responding to a joint statement issued on Tuesday by 31 member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) during the club summit in Lithuania.

The military bloc in the text demanded “Iran cease its military support to Russia, particularly its transfer of drones,” which it claimed were used to attack critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

“Iran remains committed to its neutrality in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and stresses the importance of adhering to all the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter and the principles of international law, including respect for independence, national sovereignty, and territorial integrity of all countries,” stressed the Persian diplomatic mission in Brussels.

However, the statement condemns that, despite the Islamic Republic’s respect for international law, “some NATO members actively supported the riots that took place in the Persian state by harboring and sponsoring terrorist elements and groups that committed criminal and subversive acts.” recent months.

In response to NATO’s accusation of Iran’s alleged “destabilizing activities” in West Asia, the Iranian embassy responded, stressing that Iran is a pioneer in combating international terrorism in all its forms and has paid a heavy price for that. He stressed that the Islamic Republic “has also played a constructive role in helping regional governments confront destabilizing forces that often enjoy external support.”

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Elsewhere in the statement, the Iranian representation in Brussels regrets that NATO has accused Iran of failing to live up to its agreed obligations under the 2015 nuclear deal. “The Islamic Republic of Iran remains determined to fulfill its obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [el nombre oficial del pacto]”, Confirms.

In fact, the Iranian side adds, it is some NATO members – the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the United States – who have violated and even violated their obligations under UN Security Council Resolution and UN Security Council Resolution 2231. He denounced that “the US withdrawal from the agreement in 2018 It is a clear example of a breach of commitment” committed by a NATO member.

The United States and its crimes against humanity

The Iranian statement considered the imposition of maximum pressure on Iran by some NATO members, which has caused great suffering among the Iranian people, as a “crime against humanity” and called for an immediate halt to such actions.

In the note, Iran urged NATO members to “stop making baseless accusations against Tehran and to fulfill its obligations under the United Nations Charter.”