December 4, 2023

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Israel intensifies its attack on Gaza and destroys 450 Hamas sites

Israel intensifies its attack on Gaza and destroys 450 Hamas sites

In this second phase of the war that Israel planned to eliminate Hamas, the Hebrew army continues to launch its ground raids. The large invasion is not what was expected, but more and more soldiers are arriving in the area. Israel claims to have destroyed up to 450 sites of the terrorist organization in the past few hours and confirms that fighting with Palestinian militias is already taking place on the ground. In addition, the number of people kidnapped by Hamas has increased to 239 people. Armored and infantry forces complete air strikes for the second phase of the attack, which seeks to liquidate Hamas. The weekend bombings were the most violent since the war began, and according to Israel on Sunday alone, more than 450 military targets of the jihadist organization were attacked. Among them are barracks, observation posts and anti-tank firing positions. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, anticipating a long and arduous war, met with soldiers to thank them for their response to a Hamas attack on Israeli territory on October 7. Despite his determination to eliminate the enemy, the president must also confront Israel’s position. More than 200 Israeli hostages are in the hands of jihadists. His relatives met with the Minister of Defense and expressed their regret over the Israeli executive authority’s rejection of Hamas’ offer to exchange prisoners.

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