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Israeli aircraft bombed a Hezbollah military compound in southern Lebanon

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the Israeli aviation Attack This Saturday a The military complex of the Hezbollah terrorist group In the area Bint Jbeil And an observation point for the Shiite militias in Compoundboth in the south LebanonOn another day of hostilities on the border between the two countries, which is being witnessed The biggest shootout since 2006.

In addition, yesterday (Friday), Israeli army fighter jets attacked a site Military command center and military site In Lebanon, it is used by Hezbollah’s air defense unit.”

The army indicated that sirens sounded today in northern Israel due to an air strike false alarmBut yesterday it rang repeatedly throughout the day, after Hezbollah launched two rounds of bombing Thirty missiles towards the Jewish statein addition to other projectiles.

Yesterday, fighter jets bombed a military site in Maroun Al-Ras“Where they worked Hezbollah terrorists“, as well as three military complexes in cities It blushes and turns redAfter attacking “terrorist infrastructure” in Miss the mountain On Thursday night, the Israeli army announced yesterday that it had intensified its attacks in southern Lebanon to remove the organization’s military presence from the border.

Pictures of smoke after Israeli airstrikes in Khiam, Lebanon, on January 6, 2024. Europe Press/Contact/Taher Abu Hamdan/File

The dividing line is witnessing its highest peak of tension since 2006. The current conflict began on October 8, after the announcement of Hamas terrorist attacks On Israeli territory.

Over the course of more than four months, this intense exchange of fire claimed the life of at least one person 252 peopleThe majority is on the Lebanese side and in the ranks of Hezbollah, which some have confirmed 184 victimsSome of them are in Syria.

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he Israeli army mentioned “Intensive activities” in Khan YunisStronghold Hamas terrorist movement In the south Gaza stripAs well as in the center and the north; Waiting for you to develop a plan to expand your scope offensive in Rafahat the southern end of the enclave.

A military statement said, “The forces continue their intensive activities in the city of Khan Yunis in the northern and central Gaza Strip.”They killed and arrested the terroristsThey found weapons and attacked the terrorists’ infrastructure.”

In the west of Khan Yunis, the area that the forces have been trying to control for days, the forces destroyed a number of them “terrorist cells”In addition to carrying out “selective attacks,” during which many weapons were found and confiscated, including “AK-47 rifles, dozens of hand grenades, cartridges, RPG shells, vests, and explosive devices.”

In that part of the city, Israeli forces kept Al-Nasr and Al-Amal hospitals under siege for twenty days, as soldiers stormed in yesterday to arrest suspects.

In the Central Governorate, the forces detected “an armed terrorist cell in the area, and responded by opening fire on the terrorists, killing them.”

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin NetanyahuYesterday he ordered the army to develop a plan for Expanding the attack to Rafahwhere he claims to be Four Hamas brigadesThis includes the advance evacuation of civilians.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Kobe Gideon/GPO/dpa/File

Netanyahu made the announcement the following Friday International reviews Israel's plan to invade the densely populated city on the border with Egypt.

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Israel insists that Rafah is The last remaining stronghold of Hamas And he needs to send troops to Completing its war plan against the Palestinian terrorist group. But an estimated 1.5 million Palestinians have crowded into the city after fleeing fighting elsewhere in Gaza.

Prime Minister A. said: 'Huge operation' In Rafah. He stated that he asked the security officials to provide A “double plan” Which would include Civilian evacuation and military operation to “Collapse” of units remaining Hamas

(With information from EFE)

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