May 18, 2024

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It reaches -6 degrees Celsius with snow and hail in these areas

It reaches -6 degrees Celsius with snow and hail in these areas

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Aemet expects stable weather for Sunday across almost all of the country, with few overcast skies or high clouds. This is how one says goodbye to the remaining pain week Sunny skies over most of SpainA maximum Up to 31 ° C in some areas of Valencia or Andalusia. Temperatures will be higher than normal and They will increase in the regions of the southern and northeastern third of the peninsula as well as in the Canary Islands, while they will decrease in Galicia, Asturias and the eastern Mediterranean region.

However, the good weather seems to have numbered the hours. And starting tomorrow, Monday, a drastic change in the weather is expected due to the arrival of north and northwest winds, which will bring clouds and rain. Projections indicate that thermometers will collapse in a large part of the country as a result of Arctic air jet inlet It will exceed 22 degrees Celsius only in some parts of Andalusia.

“From 5-10°C, or more, which we had in large areas of Spain with respect to normal temperature, we will go, depending on the region, to values ​​between -3 and -6°C below normal values: extreme temperatures and That “the minimum will have a significant decrease by regions” from Meteored.

This new blow of hail will accompany Dana, which will leave precipitation in the form of rain, snow and even hail, affecting almost the entire country. “The first part of the week Dana will cross the peninsula Leave precipitation in the northern and central third, eastern and southern peninsulas. From the meteorological portal, they said, the lower Mediterranean could leave a storm in the eastern region and the Balearic Islands with heavy rain and snow in the high peninsula regions.”

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And on Wednesday, the small basin will head towards the Mediterranean “intensify andto flow north It seems to be raining continuously and generalized in the Cantabrian Slope, with significant snowfalls in Cantabria and the Northern Iberian Mountains, though it will eventually reach the Central System, Southern Iberia and the Pyrenees.”

Thus, the forecast for the second part of the week, which begins on Thursday, is somewhat uncertain It is not excluded that the gusts of humid and cold winds will be blowing It goes back to letting more precipitation, some of it in the form of snow, in mountain systems.

Adverse dry and sunny weather with high temperatures, just a few hours. The entry of north and northwest winds will change the weather over the next week with temperatures that will be lower than normal and a period of precipitation driven by DANA and BFA. Some of this precipitation may be in the form of snow in the high mountainous areas and some points on the plateau of the northern peninsula.