August 16, 2022

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Revelan el lugar donde es más probable contagiarse fuera del domicilio

It reveals where you are most likely to get infected outside the home

Infections and backlogs have risen as a result Omicron, which was revealed last November This forced many countries to adopt new restrictions to curb the upward trend in reported data.

A study conducted in the United Kingdom led by University College London, under name Virus Monitor, analyzes which are the scenarios in which COVID-19 infection is most likely. Currently, the British state is one of the countries most affected by the last variable. Last Thursday, the authorities notified about 180,000 new infections in one day, which is a 29% increase over the previous week.

As mentioned by the body mentioned in this study Cooperation about 10 thousand people, Their behavior has been analyzed in recent days. These are the activities and places where infection is most likely to be transmitted.

Shopping and exercising outdoors are more at risk

As mentioned in the presented data, the activity recorded by A Increased risk of infection outside the house the shopping. One chance of a positive coronavirus test 2,18% If we are going to buy from department stores or supermarket, the percentage is higher than Doing sports outdoorsAnd one possibility 1.36%.

Activities where infection is more likely

  • Shopping (2.18%)
  • outdoor sports (1.36%)
  • use the bus (1.31%)
  • eat in a restaurant (1,29%)
  • Pubs, bars and cafés (1.28%)
  • Party (1.27%)
  • Going to the gym (1.27%)
  • Going to work (1.2%)
  • Travel by train or taxi (1.19%)

However, they are not the only ones. The next two most likely scenarios are Using public transportation and eating in a restaurant. Regarding the first, the study confirms that we have a file 1,3% Chances of getting infected on the bus, 1.28% if we use transportation more than once a week, a similar percentage if we go to a restaurant.

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With a slightly lower probability (1.27%) there are other activities such as partying, going to the pub or going to the gym. the Less likely scenarios Infection outside the home Traveling by train and using a taxi.

305 million injuries since the beginning of the pandemic

According to the data collected by Johns Hopkins UniversitySince the beginning of the epidemic, there has been A total of 305 million injuries. Three days ago, the highest number of daily infections was recorded globally (2.3 million in one day).

As for Spain, the data you reported the health In the last balance, they recorded seven million accumulated infections, while they died from COVID-19 89,934 people since the beginning of the epidemic. On the other side, The cumulative infection rate is 2,722 For every hundred thousand people.