July 14, 2024

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Itching in Spain, presidential inauguration on the horizon

Itching in Spain, presidential inauguration on the horizon

However, the facts seem convincing at this time, and the possibility of Sanchez remaining at the helm of the Moncloa Palace is tangible. He will already have 178 parliamentary votes (out of 176 primary votes) to be re-elected.

If the atmosphere was already tense since the failed replacement of Alberto Núñez Viejo, leader of the conservative Popular Party, the agreement between Sánchez’s socialists with the independents of the “Joint for Catalunya” movement unleashed a wave of angry diatribes.

Both the People’s Party and especially the ultra-nationalists of the Vox Party, as well as more moderate or old-time figures from the Socialists themselves, spoke out against the agreement with the Junts that would lead to an amnesty law for those prosecuted for secession attempts in Catalonia in 2017.

However, another important sector of society, including the left, unions, foundations and parties far from the bloc, seems determined to support Sánchez’s bid to be inaugurated next week in the House of Representatives.

Yesterday, the agreement was announced in Brussels between the Spanish Socialist Workers Party, the majority in the government coalition, and the Gantz Party, headed by Carles Puigdemont, who is based in Belgium and has been a fugitive from justice since 2017.

It is a good agreement, according to the Constitution, which will allow to heal the wounds of the past and hopefully build a better country in the future, agreed Socialist Workers Party spokesman Patxi López and leader of the Socialists of Catalonia, Salvador Illa.

To resolve all the differences, Sánchez reached an agreement on Friday with the Basque Nationalist Party, and in parallel, the Canaries coalition, which until now had been with the People’s Party, agreed to give the leader of the Socialist Workers’ Party its support in office.

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Although an official date has not yet been set, analysts indicate that parliamentary discussions will take place on Wednesday and Thursday next week. It will be acidic and tense, but the outcome will only surprise you.

If the Canary Islands coalition is finally confirmed to join the bandwagon, Sanchez will get 179 seats and remain in Moncloa. However, his new term will be marked by perpetual controversies.

In order for Sanchez to remain in the Moncloa Palace, he needs an absolute majority (176 seats), or in the second vote, a simple majority (yes and no), numbers that are now rapidly increasing.

In addition to the Socialist Workers’ Party, they will be with the current acting head of government, the Esquerra Republica and the Juntas of Catalonia, the EH Bildu and the PNV of the Basque Country, the BNG of Galicia and the Canary Alliance.